Issue 41
Improving the Effectiveness of Placement Tests
ACCUPLACER® provides the means to collect and apply noncognitive information that influences student success through locally developed background questions (LBQs). Faculty can develop and assign LBQs to each discipline to adjust the placement equation. How effective is this multiple weighted measures system?
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How to Implement ACCUPLACER//MyFoundationsLab
Enhancing student's college readiness in order to reduce or eliminate developmental, noncredit courses in college has a major positive impact on the issues of college affordability, retention, completion, and graduation. How does ACCUPLACER//MyFoundationsLab help, and what is the best way to implement this diagnostics and intervention program at your institution?
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ACCUPLACER National Conference — Accelerate Access
We invite you to attend the 2014 National Conference, June 12–13, where you will discover effective strategies, best practices and tools that help students gain access to opportunity and success. Our goal is to strengthen the alignment between higher education and K–12.

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